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What is the Condition of Home Tuition in Singapore?

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The condition of home tuition in Singapore has come to the point of commonality and necessity among families with student-age children. Tutoring has become a common necessity in Singapore to the point that a growing number of home tuition agencies and tuition centres are now deep into competition with each other. This is the condition of tuition in the country for over a decade now. Despite the high standard of education in Singapore (or perhaps because of it), parents want their children to do well in school and major examinations so they can have a good tertiary education in junior college, polytechnic, or university, in line with a successful career. Also, because of the high standard of education, many parents get home tuition for their children. Check out FamilyTutor for more details on home tuition.

The commonality of home tuition

A Household Expenditure Survey revealed in 2018 that the Singapore tuition industry has grown to around S$1.4 million. Two-thirds of all students are currently enrolled in some form of home tuition or tuition centre. In another study conducted by The Straits Times, 70% of parents have enrolled their children in some form of tuition. 8 in 10 parents who have primary-age school children have tuition for their children while 6 in 10 parents with children in secondary school do so as well.

This increasing number of children in Singapore enrolled in some form of private tuition shows how worried parents are for their children if they are left behind in their lessons in one or two subjects. But there are also parents who are aware of the possible additional stress on their children caused by tuition.

First, parents should know the difference between home tuition and tuition centres

Tuition centres have the same environment as school classrooms

Tuition centres will argue that their limited student number is better than having 30-40 students in a classroom. But whether it is 5, 10, or 30, a tuition centre still mimics a classroom environment. Children attending a tuition centre after school can place additional stress and burden on them because after a tiring day at school, they are forced into another classroom environment.

Tuition centres can take away some free-time

Because of the travel time to and from the tuition centre, and spending more than an hour per session, children can be deprived of free time that can otherwise be spent on activities befitting their age, such as entertainment, arts, music, sports, etc. These “extra-curricular” activities outside of the school are part of the healthy and balanced learning path for social skills and are just as important as formal lessons. 

So, when parents get home tuition, they reap great benefits for their children

Learning in a simplified manner that makes sense

The country’s education system primarily focuses only on one way of learning in the classroom. All information is presented in lecture-style and all homework or tests are based on the information presented. With home tuition, because of the personalised learning environment and one-to-one approach, a home tutor can make learning simpler and enjoyable. Learning can become interactive and exploratory rather than one-way. 

Students learn at their own pace

Teachers always teach at a specific pace as required by the curriculum standard. Thus, it is inevitable that some students will fall behind because they cannot immediately grasp the difficult or complex concepts of the lesson. A private home tutor can gauge a child’s understanding and learning speed. Tutors can also break down complex concepts that are simpler to understand. They give students the chance to learn at their own pace. Click FamilyTutor for more details.

Better preparation for exams

Private home tutors can better prepare students for major examinations by using sample tests and exams. Difficult concepts can be tested to see where the child is weak. Tutors that specialise in the subject that the child is weak in give the best preparation results for exams because they know the ins and outs of the subject exams.

The most trusted home tuition agency in Singapore

If you need a trusted and track-proven home tuition agency to hire a private home tutor for your children, you can’t go wrong with one that is trusted by more than 18,000 parents. The number one private home tuition in Singapore is FamilyTutor. With our pool of thousands of highly qualified and experienced home tutors, we are the trusted choice for personalised home tuition, focusing on improving your child’s academic success while fostering a meaningful relationship.     

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