June 20, 2024

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3 tips for parents supporting their Child’s online learning

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The digital revolution has made online learning popular over the past few decades. Now even school children are into online learning all because of the impact of the pandemic. Schools now use online learning as one of their teaching methodologies and children need to be geared up for it.

While online learning sounds convenient, there are many practical issues involved. Some children may find it difficult to cope up. As a parent, it is your job to support your child, so their online learning goes on smoothly. We have 3 useful tips for supporting your child’s online learning.

3 Tips to Support Your Child’s Online Learning

1) Give them a space and help them set a routine

You need to have a space for children for their online classes. A place in the house must be dedicated for online classes. You need to provide the child with the resources needed and ensure they are working. Choose a space that has light and where there is no disturbance. It should be such that you can keep an eye on proceedings.

Help your child establish a daily routine for online learning. Let them get ready and prepare just as though they would do for regular school. This will help them be serious about online learning. You can help them plan their routine, so they complete school work and homework on time.

2) Be in touch with their teacher

You should be aware of how the online classes are progressing. You may not be physically present at home when online classes are held. That does not mean you don’t get involved. Spend some time everyday finding out how the classes went on. Review the class and try to understand how the child is faring. Apart from talking to the child, you also need to talk to the teacher at school.

Be in touch with the teacher who is the best person to tell you how your child is doing. The teacher and the school would recommend apps to use for parents. Make sure you download the apps and use them to monitor your child’s progress. Talk to the teacher or email them to find out how things are going. Find out if your child needs additional support from your side.

3) Be there to help when needed

Not all children are tech-savvy. Some need time to pick up the skills needed to manage online learning. To support your child, you need to be available for them to help them when needed. Your child may not explicitly ask for your help but you should be ready to help them. Let them know you are there to handle any glitches and help them with their learning.

Encourage them to reach out to you in case of any problem. Never criticise them when they make a mistake or if they are not able to cope up. Doing this can demotivate them. When they face trouble in the future, they will not turn to you. Appreciate them when they do well. When they face problems, spend time helping and guiding them. This will help them handle online learning successfully.

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