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Improving your grades: Some advice in science subjects (Maths, Physics and Chemistry)

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science subjects (Maths, Physics and Chemistry)

Whether this question has already crossed your mind or not, you will find in this article some advice that will allow you very simply to increase your marks during an exam… Without necessarily being better and above all, without working more!

Let’s see how this can be possible:

To see the number of exercises to do and to estimate the time to spend on each exercise,
To identify the exercises on which you are most comfortable.
This is a classic oversight which is generally very detrimental… Many pupils do not see that there is an easy exercise behind the sheet and spend all their time on a more difficult exercise written on the front of the sheet.

So you need to develop a strategy. Plan which exercise you will start with and the time you will spend on it.

Some students prefer to start with the exercises they consider the easiest… Others prefer to start with the most difficult ones and save the exercises where they feel most comfortable for the end.

I advise you rather to start with the exercises where you feel the most comfortable to reassure yourself, but the strategy that you will have to adopt depends mainly on your stress control.Once an exercise has been chosen, it must be read a second time very carefully. This allows: 1
During this 2nd reading, make a pencil line each time a question is independent of the previous one. This will allow you to spot blocks of questions that are dependent on each other. Thus, when you are blocked, you will be able to know where to jump to continue (you will have to try to answer the question under the following line…).

Improve your grades: tip 2

When you think about a question without finding the solution, do not hesitate to skip the question that seems too complicated (or the group of questions if they depend on each other). The objective during the control is to “hunt for points”, so you must avoid wasting too much time on a question on which you are stuck… Be careful not to “jump” from one question to another. without having taken the time to think a little! It is normal to have to think a little before finding the answer to the question… What is needed is just to avoid wasting too much time.

Last advice: Make a “beautiful” draft…

When looking for the answer to the questions of the exercise, it is imperative to make a draft. The problem is that many students make very “rough” drafts!

When you want to write the exercise clean on your copy, you will need to have clear ideas… Your draft must therefore be clear. Many students can no longer find the solution noted on their draft: They then waste time and get angry, which is never good during a test.

In summary, a good draft should:

Be legible: It is therefore necessary to take care of the writing as much as possible, and always write in the same direction… Avoid writing sentences or mathematical expressions vertically under the pretext that there is no more space… When you have no no more space, we take a new sheet!
Be airy: Skip lines between each question to better read you
Be organized: Enter the number of the question to be answered. For example, you can circle this number to make it stand out because a math draft has a lot of numbers! It is also necessary to note the page numbers of his draft (for example by framing this number): When you are on the 4th page and that you will try to find the 2nd page, you will undoubtedly be happy to have numbered your sheets of rough, especially if they slip on the floor… And that happens more often than you think!

You can also share your tips and tricks to increase your ratings in comments with the community .

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